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What is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic?

If any vertebra in your spine is subluxated, it will literally short-circuit a part of your nervous system.

You have most likely been taught to think that Chiropractic is some kind of treatment for back and neck pain etc. It’s true, we do see a number of patients suffering with a variety of such problems. More importantly though is the recognition that Chiropractic is much more than simple pain relief.

A Chiropractors job is to make sure that the nervous system is functioning properly!

Your spine is your lifeline. Running through the bones of the spine is the spinal cord,  which carries literally  billions of messages daily that enable our bodies to function properly. It’s like having your own internal internet! It’s vital that this “information highway” remain obstruction free so that all messages created by the brain reach their intended targets swiftly. If this pathway is blocked at any point for an extended period of time, your health may ultimately be in jeopardy.

Chiropractors call these obstructions “Vertebral Subluxations” – misalignments of spinal vertebrae  AKA spinal bones.

Its important to remember that your body is a self-healing organism. This means that your body has the ability to recover…. no matter what the condition is….for the most part, as long as the information produced by the brain is not interfered with.

For example, did you know that you get a brand new liver every month or so. Yes, liver cells die and are replaced by brand new ones…amazing. Your red blood cells die every four months and are replaced by new cells…incredible. Even your skeleton goes through changes……approximately every seven years. In other words, your body is designed to heal itself and it will follow a very exact program in order to do so.

This program is controlled by your nervous system. As long as your nervous system is able to effectively communicate with every organ, tissue and cell in your body, you should have the very best health possible. If your nervous system is unable to deliver information properly, due to faults in it’s biomechanics, your body will not have the ability to do what it is designed to do.

As a Chiropractor, my goal at our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic office with each and every patient is to :
  • Eliminate communication breakdown and restore proper function to your body.
  • Enable your body to reach a state of “wellness”…..a state where the body interacts flawlessly with all of its individual parts.

I hope that I have given each of you some insight into the world of Chiropractic. Please remember that spinal problems rarely get better on their own.

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