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About Preferred Chiropractic

Our Mission

vision-goal-mission-strategy-grindsDr. Steve has a simple mission—he strives to help as many people as he can in his lifetime. He believes compassion and integrity are the keys to his success. At Preferred Chiropractic, we strive to provide you with excellent Chiropractic Care. In addition to the adjustments, we also use state of the art healing modalities in order to help you achieve your health goals quickly, gently and effectively.

He’ll give you honest, straightforward information and let you choose what path to take. Doc NEVER wants patients to feel like they are being sold something.


Our Values

Dr. Steve practices with integrity and a patient-first approach. Helping you in the best way possible is his goal. To do that, he’ll always communicate sincerely, and he’ll also strive to remain current on the latest research and technological advances in order to give patients the best possible treatment.

Our History

After experiencing first hand the life-changing benefits of Chiropractic Care, Dr. Steve decided to make a career change at the age of 31. After his own amazing experience  with Chiropractic, Dr. Steve couldn’t wait to share the power of Chiropractic with others. He attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia, and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1995.

After practicing for roughly a decade, he moved his practice to Sarasota, Florida to be closer to his parents. Sarasota wasn’t the community he was looking for ultimately, so he came to Palm Beach Gardens and opened his practice there in 2005. Still only 2.5 hours away from M&D!

Doc loves the area and can’t imagine living or practicing anywhere else!

We’re Here for You

Many of our patients have simple conditions that can be resolved in a visit or two. However, more serious cases like disc issues or car accident injuries need to be seen a bit more at the beginning of care.

This strict protocol in the more severe cases allows us to clear the body of inflammation and scar tissue which may interfere with rapid healing and cause some issues as we age. We believe at Preferred Chiropractic that by acting fast initially will cause significant improvement in one’s body in later years. Dr. Steve comes in on Saturdays and Sundays too—he’s even seen folks on Christmas Day; many times over the years actually—all to ensure his patients receive what he believes is best for them. Luckily, his wife is a very understanding woman!

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