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Dr. Stephen Prefer
Your Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor

I initially chose Dr. Prefer’s office because he offered a flexible schedule. I continue to see Dr. Prefer because I receive excellent care, service, advice and flexible scheduling. ~Joel M.


Dr. Prefer truly cares about a patients well being. ~ Craig D.

Highly Recommend

Outstanding first experience with a Chiropractor. Doctor very committed to practice and patients and truly wants to help people. Highly recommended to friends.~ Lisa R.

Low Back Injuries

“Through his various Chiropractic techniques, Palm Beach Gardens FL Chiropractor, Dr. Prefer has helped me recover from low back injuries as well as manage other spinal issues to help keep me working. As I am a self-employed carpenter, he has been a huge asset to me. Dr. Prefer has a passion for healing and is very effective at it. For busy people with scheduling issues like myself, he keeps very flexible hours as well. Thank you Doc!” ~ Mike A.

Back Pain

“Great work Dr. Steve. I could barely dress myself due to the back pain, but in just one week, I’m 100% better. I really recommend Preferred Chiropractic. They get to the source of your problem and fast.” ~ Allen

Great Chiropractor

“Great Chiropractor! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality!” ~ J.S.

Palm Beach Gardens FL Chiropractor helped with Sinus/Migraine Headaches

“I was completely surprised at how much better I felt after seeing my Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens, Dr. Prefer for a very short time. I use to experience terrible sinus/migraine type headaches. Since my first treatment, I have not had one. I was also very impressed with the new state of art equipment he uses and the fact that he takes the time to explain in detail exactly what he is doing. I would and have highly recommended him to everyone.” ~ Doreen

Numbness between my hip and knee

“Dr. Prefer is a very talented doctor. I have seen many Chiropractors in the past for a recurring problem that caused a numbness between my right hip and my right knee. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Prefer whose adjustments have eliminated this problem. The last Chiropractor that I visited and who shall go nameless treated me on a Friday and on the following Monday the pain and numbness was back. It’s now been over three months since meeting and being treated by Dr. Prefer and the pain and associated numbness is gone. I highly recommend him to you.” ~ G.P.

Dr. Prefer is now my Chiropractor of choice

“I was always suspicious of Chiropractors until I saw Dr. Prefer help my friend who was in a lot of pain. He was suffering from the effects of a pinched nerve, and couldn’t even turn his neck.

After taking x-rays, the doctor was able to uncover the source of my friends pain. Dr. Prefer then educated him on the various treatments options that were available and what to expect along the way.

A few days later, my friend was feeling so much better. Witnessing this quick turn around lead me to try Preferred Chiropractic. I had some occasional dizziness that I was concerned about. I opted to also have X-rays taken. They reveled that the first bone in my neck was mis-aligned. After a couple of weeks, the dizziness was gone. Dr. Prefer is now my Palm Beach Gardens FL Chiropractor of choice. He treats my entire family – wife, son and mother.

This doctor takes a soft approach – he diagnoses, discusses the results and necessary treatments with his patients and listens. We also like him for his alternative/homeopathic thinking as compared to the quick prescription writing doctors very common these days. I will always recommend Dr. Steve Prefer.”
~ Gary B.

Thumb Pain

“I have been a patient of “Preferred Chiropractic” for about a month now. During this time, I have experienced a total reduction in pain that I had been feeling in both of my feet. I also experience pain in my right thumb. Dr. Prefer has explained to me that my thumb pain is actually coming from a problem in my neck. Since being treated, my thumb is 85% better and it seems to get better with every treatment.

I would recommend this office to everyone for several reasons. The Doctor is very professional, gentle, and he truly cares for his patients.

Thank you Dr. Prefer, I am very grateful for everything you have done for me.”
~ Karla

Back Pain and Headaches

“I would like to seriously recommend this kind doctor to anyone who is in pain. He is a very caring person and I feel very comfortable in his office, it’s so peaceful there. I am particularly impressed with his knowledge and Chiropractic skills. He has not only helped me with back pain but also with headaches and sinus problems too. I tell everyone about him, and now I’ve told you. You’ll be feeling awesome soon!”
~ Lisa

Gentle Palm Beach Gardens FL Chiropractor

“I would like to let everyone know that I had great results with this gentle Chiropractor. I was in extreme pain and also had a leg shorter than the other. After a careful free consultation, I was treated with the latest techniques and treatments. I was out of pain within a few days and my leg length inequality was restored to normal. I had a very positive experience as the doctor worked with me to get me back to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Steven………give him a call and tell him Peter sent you. Say goodbye to pain.”

Neck and lower back pain

“My complaints were the traditional neck and lower back pain. Dr. Prefer used some amazingly swift and painless methods that had me walking and turning my head without pain in just two short visits. In the past, I had an operation on two of my toes, but after six months I was still having difficulty walking without pain. Dr. Prefer did his magic on my foot, and I have now been able to start my morning exercise walks and hope to be back jogging soon.

Dr. Prefer is a very patient, kind and caring individual who also has the unique ability to educate his patients while he is treating them. He takes his time and doesn’t rush through a visit. He is thorough and very effective. A visit to his office is like visiting an old friend. I strongly recommend him, you won’t be disappointed.”
~ Marjorie

Chiropractic care has helped my entire family

“After 20 years of suffering with neck, upper and lower back pain, due to scoliosis, and getting only temporary relief, I started to search for better results. In September of 2007, I met Dr. Prefer. He took the time to study my case and gave me several options.

You should know that I have been in pain for many years, I had been diagnosed with a grade 3 scoliosis. I knew that I had a long road ahead of me to get back to health, but after only six weeks at Preferred Chiropractic, I‘m right where I want to be. I’m pain free for the first time in years and I feel fabulous!

Dr. Prefer is more than a doctor, he is a friend and a teacher to all his patients. He’s caring and takes the time to educate you throughout the entire treatment process. You will never be rushed. He uses painless and effective modalities in combination with gentle adjustments. Dr. Prefer has helped our whole family in a very short time. I’m back to exercising and power walking, what are you waiting for?”
~ Marvel L.

Chronic Neck Spasms and low back pain

“I recently started treating with Dr. Prefer in search of relief from chronic neck spasms and low back pain. I must admit, I was a skeptic but he has definitely changed my mind. He is very knowledgeable, he definitely takes pride in work and spends a lot of time explaining what he is doing. The treatments have definitely helped me and I would absolutely recommend him.” ~ Steve M.

Shoulder Pain

“My experience at Preferred Chiropractic has been great. I began treatment at this office to try to eliminate some annoying shoulder pain. I had suffered with this pain for many years before meeting Dr. Prefer.

After I began my treatments, the doctor sensed that something just wasn’t right. The pain in my right shoulder traveled from the front of the shoulder to the shoulder blade. Doc told me that I should pursue treatment from a medical doctor because he suspected that I may be suffering from Gallstones. I took his advice and visited a medical doctor within a few days.

Dr. Prefer’s suspicions were accurate. An ultrasound revealed that I had multiple gallstones. I proceeded to have surgery and now I’m fine. The problem has not re-surfaced. None of the medical doctors that I had been to over the years ever suggested that my shoulder pain may be coming from an irritated Gallbladder, they just gave me pain killers.

My wife was the first person in our family to get treatment from Dr. Prefer. She and my oldest daughter were in a car accident in the past; they were rear ended. Doc explained that the X-rays of my wife’s neck were consistent with a rear end car accident. The curve in her neck was opposite of what is considered normal. We were shown an example of a neck x-ray that was normal. We compared it to my wife’s; what a huge difference!

After seeing my wife’s x-rays, we thought that it would be smart to have my oldest daughter checked out because both were in the car at the time of the accident. Dr. Prefer ended up recommending a treatment plan for both my wife and oldest daughter in order to correct damage sustained from the accident.

Over time, most of my family has been to Doc’s office for one reason or another. Each of us are treated differently. My son and I have excellent X-rays and rarely need to be adjusted. My wife and daughter are doing well, they continue care on a monthly basis.

I admire the honesty & integrity I have witnessed at Preferred Chiropractic. I have referred many people to this man, I highly recommend him.” ~ Roberto C.


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