Getting Help for Whiplash

Whiplash is common condition in auto accident injuries, but the physical damage can also occur from fast-moving sports or a fall off of a roof. In all these cases, whiplash is a condition caused by forces violently whipping the head back and forth. The reason why trauma from whiplash is so painful is because the soft tissue around the neck gets the most impact. More than one direction change can happen in an accident causing what is known as a whiplash effect of a back and forth damaging motion. However, the damage from whiplash may be minor and go unnoticed. Eventually leading to health complications later in life. If you have been in an auto accident, we at Preferred Chiropractic in Palm Beach Gardens are here to help asses the damage and find the treatment that works for you.



Our focus on whiplash treatment involves helping the patient control the pain and aiding the healing process. We help our patients find ways to accommodate in life while going through recovery. A number of treatment options are available for our patients ranging from acupuncture to massage and spine realignment. Not every patient will receive the same treatment. Often, the details and situations require different approaches that work better than others. However, severe cases can take longer and may need more treatments. Our goal is to not alleviate the pain, but to make sure your body reaches its optimal level.

Motion and Exercise

Our chiropractor will provide guided exercises and motion treatment to help the body regain its ability to function normally. This is often combined with temperature treatments to loosen the damaged soft tissue and increase blood flow for healing. Patients may need physical therapy rehabilitation, which our experienced chiropractor can also provide. The use of a foam neck collar can be necessary in stabilizing the neck and preventing further injury.

Local Treatment for You

Preferred Chiropractic in Palm Beach Gardens provides treatment for any type of collision you’ve been in. Even if you do not have a condition or injury that requires additional care, we provide spinal screenings, chiropractic massages, rehab exercises, and more. We welcome new patients to come and enjoy the perks of spinal adjustment and whole-body health care. Call us to find out how we can help you heal and achieve your health, fitness, and mobility goals. 


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