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Over the past twenty three years, I have treated many patients with constipation issues. Often these patients come to can Chiropractic influence my colon? The answer is simple; through our nervous system. The upper Lumbar spine...the L1 Nerve, to be exact is responsible for things like Constipation, Colitis, Dysentery and even Hernias. When the L1 nerve has a clear pathway, it will deliver the colon all the information that it needs to sustain itself.

If a patient has a simple mis-alignment in this area, the colon may suffer over time. Simple spinal corrections enable the Nervous system to send the full amount of information needed for the Colon to function properly.

At our Chiropractic Center in Palm Beach Gardens, I often see improvement with pain caused by constipation in just a few treatments. Improving the overall health of the colon will take longer....possibly four to six weeks of Chiropractic care.

The process is fairly simple. The Chiropractor must reduce the surrounding inflammation in the lumbar spine first. He must then rid the body of overly taught para spinal muscle and ligaments and lastly, he must guide the lumbar bone/bones into the correct direction. Often times, this can be figured out easily through the use of x-ray.

There are many different Chiropractic adjusting techniques. They all work. We choose which technique we will use based on the person's chief complaint, their age and their overall condition of their spine. 

Pain will leave the body first and does not take very many sessions. Correcting spinal structures is a bit more lengthy process....three to four months "in general".....depending on how damaged the spinal structure is. The choice is always you just want pain relief in Palm Beach Gardens or are you looking for care that will bring your body health. The latter takes a bit more consistency and time....again, depending on what the x-rays tell us!

I hope that I have taught you something today that you may not have known.

All the best,

Dr. Steve


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