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Many years ago, I had a patient enter my Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Clinic. She was walking slowly with the use of a cane. Darlene had been told by her medical doctors that she would probably never walk again without the use of that cane. This woman was 61 years old when she underwent an MRI for her constant low back pain. This MRI unfortunately revealed an inoperable tumor near the base of her tailbone.

I used an extremely low force technique that offered mild traction to her lumbar spine over a twenty minute period. Normally, these are treatments are used for injured disc patients. There are normally 12 consecutive Chiropractic treatments, but with Darlene, I treated her 18 days straight with Chiropractic care.

Here are the results:

Upon her next visit to her Orthopedic, the doctor was amazed to see that Darlene walked into his office without the use of a cane and pain free!

The doctor was honestly amazed. He gave Darlene a thorough exam. The results were NORMAL findings. This medical doctor was amazed. After conversing with another Orthopedic doctor in his office, Darlene was asked if she would be willing to take another of charges. Darlene complied. The results showed that her body had somehow reabsorbed the tumor. It was nowhere to be found.

Darlene came back to my office several weeks after finishing her treatments showing off her new high heels....the same shows the Orthopedic told her she would never wear again. We shared a short hug, but an even longer smile knowing what was accomplished against all odds. I give full credit to God; I was just guided what to do.

The Orthopedic's recommendations were to continue Chiropractic Care!!! Over the years, that doctor sent me many Chiropractic cases. All of them turned out well. Miracles do happen! Chiropractic definitely works! I hope you enjoyed this story of what I feel is a Chiropractic miracle!!!

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve


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