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The human body's first response to an injury is to protect the injured area. It accomplishes this by over producing sodium; which causes the cells to swell in that area. If you wish to heal the area fast, you will definitely need to bring the inflammation down soon after the injury occurs; the faster, the better. That is this Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens advice.

If you receive an aggressive injury and nothing is done to rid the body of the excess sodium it produces, the body thinks that it needs more protection and actually creates scar tissue from the excess inflammation in order to immobilize the injured area. This only adds more Chiropractic treatment time in the long run. So, again, swift action is recommended when utilizing Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic care for back pain relief or neck pain relief.

At our Chiropractic Office in Palm Beach Gardens, we use many machines to heal the injured areas. We like switching therapies constantly in order to expedite healing process.

We believe Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractors need to do four things to to heal an injured area effectively.

1.   Use ice for 20 mins on & one hour off......4-6 times per day.

2.   Use several therapies to reduce the swelling fast.

3.   Reduce surrounding para spinal muscle tension.

4.   Make corrections to the spine where needed.

Hope this information helps you folks!!! See you at my Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic office soon for back pain relief, neck pain relief....whatever may be causing you discomfort. We adjust all areas of the body....extremities included!!!

I think that you will enjoy our office. Many folks have mentioned that the color scheme of the office is very relaxing. 

Note from the Chiropractor: I take great pride of never making patients wait to be treated. I understand that your time is important and I respect that.

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve 


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