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The reason that I like adjusting patients with instruments is that they are so precise and offer very low force corrections to the human spine. Instrument adjusting is especially useful when adjusting the elderly. These folks benefit greatly from the low force techniques. That is not to say that hand corrections are bad, but with the instruments there is less chance for over correcting an area. At My Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Office, we offer many different correction techniques, but are most comfortable with "low force" techniques on the elderly.

Our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic patients enjoy instrument adjusting for fast back pain relief, neck pain relief and even headache relief. We have been performing Chiropractic for twenty three years now and Chiropractic is as much fun today as it was the first day of my career.

Another interesting aspect from instrument adjusting......those who are squeemish about the cracking sounds will have nothing at all to worry about. The corrections happen so fast, that the gas that causes the cracking sound never has time to escape. This means that you will find instrument adjusting to be noise free....NO CRACKING SOUNDS! 

Another advantage with instruments is that the corrections are highly efficient and can be reproduced very easily.

At our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic office, we offer back pain relief, neck pain relief, headache relief, sciatic nerve pain relief and this Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor also works on the arms, legs, feet and hands. Come see what we have to offer. We also have may state of the art therapy machines for rapid healing of your injuries. Come see us! You'll be happy you did !!!

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve


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