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Many perspective patients do no realize that Chiropractors in Palm Beach Gardens can help those who suffer from leg weakness. There are two lumbar discs which are most often associated with leg weakness; L3 and L4. The third Lumbar disc and associated nerves control the front of the thigh and the fourth lumbar disc and associated nerves controls the back portion of the thigh. The sacrum or tailbone and it's associated nerves control messages to our calf.

When there is either nervous interference or a damaged disc within the spine, the legs may become affected. The Chiropractor has many different options to attack leg weakness, but what I find works best is SOT blocking for an injured disc which most of the time is at the root of many leg weakness issues. That is not to say that there aren't a host of other things that can cause leg weakness, but that seems to be the most frequent cause at our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Clinic.

We also use several therapies to reduce the disc inflammation. At our Chiropractic Office in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl, we also have several therapies to quiet the pain and more therapies still to reduce the muscle tension that often comes with an injured disc.

The treatment plan for an injured disc is typically 12 consecutive treatments. After the 3rd - 4th treatment, the patients usually report that they had a better night sleeping. After the sixth treatment, they report feeling much less pain and after the 12th treatment, the patient is ready to be released from care with full strength coming back to the legs.

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve


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