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Many Chiropractors in Palm Beach Gardens practice traditional Chiropractic techniques. I enjoy using the Sacro-Occipital Technique for patients with injured lumbar discs. At my Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Offices, SOT technique is used to provide lower back pain relief. This technique uses the patient's own body weight to traction the injured disc providing lower back pain relief without using any force.This method is a favorite of most of our disc injury patients.

There are very few Chiropractic offices in Palm Beach Gardens that provide this type of Chiropractic care to their patients. With this type of care, the Chiropractic patient will never have to experience any cracking noises; as the spine is corrected through slow traction....using the patient's own body weight to their advantage. This Chiropractic technique utilizes a mild form of traction to separate the disc spaces; as previously talked about above; allowing the body a means to heal itself naturally!

This Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor recommends twelve consecutive sessions to treat an injured lumbar disc for patients in need of lower back pain relief. 

Now, let's explain what is in store for the patient. The first 1-2 sessions will be like going to the gym for the first time in a while; the body may be sore. On the third to fourth day, the patient will usually say that they had their first good night's sleep since the injury began. After the sixth day of Chiropractic care, we use the tailbone as a lever in order to gently stretch the sacral ligaments which opens up the lower disc spaces. This can not be done before the sixth treatment; as the body is not ready for it yet and in fact may cause irritation to the area if done to soon. On the sixth day "after the stretch", the patient usually communicates that they are 60 - 70 % better. They make statements like...."I feel like I have turned the corner", and "I am beginning to feel like my old self again! From that point on, the patient generally gains about 5-10% recovery each of the next passing days.

This Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor believes in using the lowest force techniques when working on the more serious issues.

Come in an give our Chiropractic office a try. We are OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK.

Yours in health,

Stehen G. Prefer  DC


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