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Chiropractic Success Story in Palm Beach Gardens

Dan and Carol were a young couple in their late twenties trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for three plus years. This Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor would like to share their story with you. This is a nice story that demonstrates that even the most horrific experiences can come with a silver lining in the end with the help of Chiropractic.

Dan was involved that year in a really bad Auto Accident. Dan was fully stopped at a red light with his foot firmly on his brake when he heard the sound of a car's wheels skidding. The next thing Dan knew was that his car was struck by another vehicle traveling an estimated 65 MPH. Dan was in a real lot of pain. He needed back pain relief and neck pain relief. Dan decided to reach out to his local Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor. He entered my office, filled out his paperwork, had an extensive exam and lastly had a full set of x-rays taken. Those x-rays, I can tell you were not pretty.

Finding the Right Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens

Dan was treated at my Chiropractic office in Palm Beach Gardens for 16 weeks for severe neck pain and back pain. After 12 weeks of Chiropractic care, more x-rays were taken. The results were moderately better. After 16 weeks, x-rays were taken again and this time the results were nothing short of astounding. The lumbar spine appeared completely normal. It was so good in fact that I used it for years in my practice as an example of a normal x-ray of the lumbar spine for both his A-P and Lateral x-rays.

Also, as Dan's lower back corrected biomechanically, all the muscle tension had faded away and 95% of his overall pain was gone. It was time to release Dan from Chiropractic care. He had reached maximal medical improvement. This Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens had done his job.

A little over one month passed when out of the blue Dan and Carol came back to our chiropractic office in Palm Beach Gardens for a surprise visit. After holding back their smiles for a few minutes, the news came. They were pregnant. Dan said that they had done nothing different except for the consistent Chiropractic treatments.

So, what started out as devastating ended up with so much joy! 

Yours in health

Dr. Steve


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