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Your First Visit


The Chiropractor will locate the source of your discomfort by performing a comprehensive exam.

The exam begins by checking your Range of Motion in the area of concern. Next, Orthopedic Tests will be performed in order locate the cause of your pain. Then, the doctor will Palpate the area in order to confirm the Orthopedic findings. During Palpation, the doctor will also check for swelling or muscular tension.

Your exam will continue with Neurological Testing and finally Muscle Testing. If positive findings are revealed during your exam, Dr. Steve may advise you to have X-rays taken in order to learn more information about your condition.


The information gained from the x-rays will be thoroughly explained to you, and we encourage you to ask questions. The more educated you are about the nature of your condition, the less likely you will be to re-injure this area in the future.


If the area of pain involves swelling, muscle tightness or spasm, any one of the following four therapies may be used: Electric Muscle Stimulation, Healing Ultrasound, Cold Laser or Percussion Massage.


If your condition permits, we will perform gentle corrections to the area. We can do this by hand or through the use of instrumentation, depending on the individual circumstance.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you recover as soon as possible!