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New Patient Center

Your only responsibility as a new patient visiting Preferred Chiropractic is to relax. Maybe not quite as relaxed as the person in the photo above.....but, you get the idea !

We realize the first time visiting a Chiropractor can be a nerve racking experience and so we have taken every precaution to make sure that your experience is a pleasant one. Everything at our office from the furniture to the artwork to the colors on the walls were choices we made to create a stress free environment for you.

The main goal at our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic office is to relieve you of your pain as fast as possible. We have a large variety of pain relieving machines and Chiropractic techniques that help us accomplish our goal. This Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor understands the economic situation and so we do our very best to get you well fast......saving you time and money!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your time spent with us!!! 

Dr. Steve