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Sciatic nerve pain comes from two basic sources; an inflammed L4 disc or tight piriformis muscles in the buttocks. How does a Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor differentiate....very simple; if the pain goes beyond the buttock.....into either the back of your thigh or your big toe or both, you are looking at an L4 buldging or herniated disc issue. If the pain stays in the buttock only, you are looking at tight buttock muscles AKA Piriformis Syndrome. Either way, this Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor has extensive experience with both of these issues. Providing sciatic nerve pain relief through Chiropractic Care is both gentle and effective method for expedited pain relief.

Piriformis syndrome is treated by this Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor with therapies and stretching to relieve the inflammation and the tension. A patient with a lumbar disc issue is usually in a lot of pain, so fast back pain relief is a must.

An L4 disc is treated with SOT Blocks.....a technique that uses the body's own weight to create traction to the disc space; which ultimately allows the body to heal the buldging or herniated disc without using any forceful techniques whatsoever!

If you have a lower back disc issue, you will need to avoid lifting anything over 5-7 Lbs. Also, you will need to avoid extending the spine which usually aggravates the problem. There are 4 parts to correcting a disc issue at my Palm Beach Gardens chiropractic office in 33403.

1. Adjustment using the SOT technique.

2. Therapies to reduce inflammation and muscle tension.

3. Ice 20 minutes on and one hour off 4-6 times per day....which the patient does at home.

4. Some kind of anti-inflammatory.....Chiropractors in Palm Beach Gardens can not speak about, this is just an opinion of what I would do if I had a disc issue.

If you experience sciatic nerve issues, it is better to attack it sooner rather than later. Taking quick action usually saves you time and money. Come visit our Chiropractic office in Palm Beach Gardens in oder to receive fast pain relief through Chiropractic Care!!!

All the best,

Dr. Steve