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Often times, South Florida residents who need expedited sinus pain relief may seek out a Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. What these patients probably do not realize is that their issue may be caused by a bone out of place in their upper necks. This would be the second cervical vertebra. The nerve that is protected by this vertebra innervates our ears and sinuses. A proper correction by a well trained Chiropractor to the mal-positioned bone usually helps the patient to breath more freely as the pressure from the sinus headache leaves and the sinus pathways once again open up.

At our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Office, we offer many therapies to decrease inflammation and tight muscles; two things that can cause subluxations over time.

Not a lot of people would connect Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Care with things like sinus pain relief, headache pain relief & migraine pain relief, but it's true. The bones in the upper neck are frequently related to the above mentioned problems.

If you suffer from headaches, sinuses or migraines, I have twenty three years experience with Chiropractic Care and have helped many patients seeking Pain Relief in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. 

Stop into my Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Office any time. We pride ourselves at our patients never having to wait for long periods of time in our waiting room! Our goal is to offer you detailed spinal and muscular care and therapies at a fair price.

Quick story....after I just graduated Chiropractic school, I came home for a short vacation. While home, I visited my best friend next door. While I was there, my friend asked to be adjusted. After treatment, he commented on how lose his neck was; he seemed impressed. After hearing what we were talking about, his dad asked to be adjusted. I remember how out of place his C2 vertebra was....(bone that controls the sinuses). After I corrected the bone, I remember Rocky immediately called for his wife Angie. When she came into the room, Rocky showed her how he could now breath through both nostrils evenly. That had not happened since Rocky began smoking 30+ years ago.....WOW!!! Eventually, the entire family started seeing a Chiropractor.

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve