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The second bone in our neck is called the Axis bone. If this bone becomes subluxated or mis-aligned, Chiropractors believe that patients may develop ear problems over time, sinus blockages and even allergies. The nerve that the Axis bone protects feeds the ears and sinuses with greatly needed information in order to sustain itself.

A Chiropractor believes that when the spine is optimally aligned, our nervous system will feed our organs with the nourishment they need to sustain the life of the various organs. This Chiropractor believes that mis-aligned bones within the human spine may lead to a host of problems, depending on which region of the human spine is not aligned properly. When Chiropractors are speaking about the ears, we speak about C2 subluxations and the need for correction at this area. It is critical that the cervical spine retain proper alignment for all things related to the head and neck and upper extremities.

So, if you are experiencing issues involving your ears, you may want to think about a Chiropractic check up. We believe "in a nutshell" that when the body is properly aligned, it will heal itself of most anything thrown at it.

I had a close friend once put tubes in his two year old boy'd ears. The tubes did not help at all. In fact, the child developed more ear issues. When his second child reached 1.5 years old, he also developed ear issues. This child was brought to our Chiropractic office in Palm Beach Gardens. After 6-8 treatments, the child's ear pain was gone and never returned....even years later.

People do not realize that their spinal column houses the source of what keeps us alive...our nervous system. Proper spinal alignment helps to protect our nervous system so that it can effectively communicate with our entire body; constantly monitoring for problems. It is this Chiropractors belief that the human body is the most amazing machine in this world !!!

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve