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This Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor has twenty three years experience dealing with back pain relief, neck pain relief and even headache relief. Back pain relief in the lower back can be accomplished using a technique that utilizes the body's own weight to traction open the disc spaces open thereby giving some breathing room to the swollen disc.

Most Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractors use adjusting methods  which makes that cracking sound that some patients are afraid of. With the SOT method and the Activator method, the patients never have to worry about hearing those cracking sounds.

Patients at our Chiropractic Office come to us for a number of reasons....most are pain related. Some patients prefer instrument adjusting to their necks. The drop table is a favorite for patients with hip issues. Others come for SOT blocking for their low back issues.

The common thread to the above mentioned three techniques is that all three correct the spine without any cracking sounds. There are many folks who are squeemish about hearing those sounds, so we do our best to adjust their spines with noise free Chiropractic techniques. 

Its important for this Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor to get this information out to the public. There are several Chiropractic techniques that can be used to avoid hearing that cracking sound; which by the way is just gas escaping from our joints. So, now you know....not all Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractors utilize methods involving the cracking sound exclusively.

I hope that this article helps Palm Beach Gardens patients seeking Chiropractic care make a more educated decision of the type of Chiropractic care they may be interested in. Please remember Preferred Chiropractic Center when searching for a Noise free adjusting techniques. 

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve