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When someone injures themselves, the body's first response is to lay down inflammation to protect the injured area. This is a good thing.... as long as the body doesn't produce excess inflammation. The trick is to ice down the area of pain for fifteen to twenty minutes per hour....four to six times per day...."generally". That advice is coming from a Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor.

However, most folks seeking pain relief in Palm Beach Gardens do not like the feel of ice and end up using a heat source on their injuries sometimes. This just complicates things. Heat causes our vessels to dialate which ultimately allows too much inflammation to be delivered to the injured area. This situation actually delays the natural healing process because the excess inflammation may be turned into scar tissue or adhesions by the body. We are well aware of this fact. So, we inform all our patients seeking Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Care to be very careful with an initial injury. "Always ice first".

If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens, our Chiropractor uses several more modern therapies such as Cold Laser which can actually locate where the inflammation resides. We also use Micro-Current; which actually goes one step locates the inflammation and then it digitally tells us how bad the tissue damage is in the injured area. Having all these therapies, we consider our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic office  "State of the art". 

Having all these therapies has also helped me to get patients through their injuries much faster. We realize that time spent in a Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic office could be better spent doing things we all enjoy. So, we focus on healing you in the fastest way possible using the best therapies technology has to offer. We have many other therapies in our office, these are just a few of them.

Once the body is free from inflammation, the injury heals at a very fast pace. Nobody likes to be in pain for a long time!

Yours in health,

Dr. Steve