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Many folks believe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes from a wrist issue. This is true; and the bone affecting the wrist is known as the lunate bone. However, this Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor understands that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can also stem from the sixth bone in your neck being mis-aligned or out of proper position.

Chiropractors can perform a simple test to see if you suffer from Carpal Tunnel. At our Chiropractic Office we have the patient try to touch their pinky finger to their thumb. The patient should be able to hold them together strongly; being able to resist someone trying to pry them apart.....within reason of course. If the Chiropractor can easily pry them apart with no resistance whatsoever, you may have a lunate bone subluxation or a C6 cervical bone mis-alignment. Don't worry, Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractors are experts at fixing such issues! Once corrections are made in both the neck and wrist, the patient should regain their strength. Repeat the pinky finger to thumb test and see for yourself!

After correction, it is probably a good idea to use cold laser in order to inspect the area for inflammation. If inflammation is present, the patient may be looking at a few extra treatments to rid the body of all inflammation in that area. Getting rid of all inflammation in the neck and wrist is a must. By eliminating the inflammation, the bones can be restored to their natural alignment more easily.

Yours in health!

Dr. Steve