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Massage Therapy Alternative
Palm Beach Gardens Hydro-Therapy


Our hydro-therapy table is a cost effective alternative to traditional massage therapy for Palm Beach Gardens residents. Sessions cost one dollar per minute, but an entire session takes only 15 minutes of your time. Hydro-therapy allows you to enjoy rejuvenating muscular relaxation while remaining fully clothed, dry and comfortably supported. Feel the stress melt away as powerful jet streams of heated water invigorate your sore, tired muscles. You are in complete control of the experience, so you can target the areas where you need it most! For those of you who may be claustrophobic, there is no need to worry, our table is completely open.

How will I feel during the session?

Many people reported feeling totally at ease, with a deep sense of peacefulness. Others have reported feeling completely invigorated after the session concludes!

How long is a hydro-therapy session?

In just 15 minutes, your body will appreciate the benefits of hydro-therapy. After completing your first session, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful your body feels! Typically, traditional massage therapy sessions last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. With Hydro-therapy, you can complete a session and still have time left over for lunch, errands or a quick workout.

Why Hydro-therapy?

Hydro-Therapy is Affordable

You can experience this powerful stress relief for only $15.00 Many of our Palm Beach Gardens clientele have reported feeling a sense of muscular relaxation similar to that of a massage therapy session.

Hydro-Therapy is Comfortable

You don’t have to get undressed. You can enjoy powerful muscular relaxation while remaining fully clothed as opposed to traditional massage therapy where, often times, you may need to disrobe.

Hydro-Therapy is Convenient

It takes only 15 minutes to achieve remarkable stress relief and muscular relaxation. You won’t need to set aside a lot of time; so enjoy a session before or after work or even during your lunch break.

Hydro-Therapy is Entertaining!

With the hydro-therapy table touch screen, you can watch movies, play games, surf the internet or listen to music during your session. For those of you who have a hard time sitting still, you will be completely satisfied with the table’s entertainment features.

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