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Looking for a Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens?

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Palm Beach Gardens residents experiencing pain or discomfort will be happy to learn that Preferred Chiropractic Center treats more than just back and neck pain. Our office treats: knees, feet, hips, wrists, ribs, shoulders, legs and more.

This Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor has great results treating conditions most people wouldn’t associate with Chiropractors, such as: migraines, sciatica, sinus problems, carpal tunnel, headaches, bulging discs, muscle spasms and burning/tingling sensations. We’ll explain how when we meet you!

Palm Beach Gardens chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Prefer

Dr. Stephen Prefer

Concerning Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractic Care ….. our intentions are to restore your body to its pre-injured state using gentle adjustments and several relaxing therapies, including hydro-therapy which really helps relax your muscles. I personally like to combine Chiropractic adjustments with relaxing therapies in order to create a more swift recovery for our patients. We are aware of the economy and will do our best to help each of you recover as fast as possible.So, if you need a Chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens who is skilled at eliminating all kinds of pain and discomfort, call our office today and tap into Dr. Prefer’s 19 years’ experience as a Chiropractor.

Dr. Stephen G. Prefer | Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor | (561) 541-3399

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