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Welcome to Preferred Chiropractic in Palm Beach Gardens

At Preferred Chiropractic in Palm Beach Gardens, we focus on providing you the best care. We specialize in personal injury care, auto accident injuries, and work-related injuries. Our friendly and helpful staff will help you feel better soon. 

About Dr. Stephen

Dr. Stephen is a seasoned chiropractor with over 25 years of experience in eliminating pain and creating personalized wellness plans for his clients. His personal philosophy is to always help those in pain and it is what drove him to become a chiropractor. His journey started in his early twenty’s when he was suffering from a herniated disc that he developed while playing sports. Through a gym colleague, he was brought in to a chiropractor and was able to be restored back to health in two weeks.

Dr. Stephen wants to provide that same high-quality care that he received for his back to all residents of Palm Beach Gardens.

Which Patients Are Accepted at Preferred Chiropractic?

At Preferred Chiropractic, we accept several groups of patients including:

  • Auto accident victims
  • Personal injury victims
  • Patients with workers' compensation claims
  • Major medical 
  • Personal pay

Which Conditions Are Treated at Preferred Chiropractic?

At Preferred Chiropractic, we can treat a number of conditions. You should call us and let us know what health concerns you have, so we can discuss your case directly. Some of the specific conditions we can treat include:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tightness and tension
  • Whiplash 

... and many others. 

What Happens at the First Appointment?

At your first appointment, our doctor will work with you to help you understand the science behind how chiropractic care works to adjust your body and help it heal. Our doctor will also take the time to perform an evaluation and make sure that chiropractic care is the right choice for you. 

If chiropractic care is a good choice, we will help develop a plan of care that is specifically designed to meet your needs and health care goals. Some of the treatments we may suggest to you after a careful evaluation include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Massage therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Spinal and postural screenings

We will walk you through each of the services we offer and talk to you about how they may help you heal. With the right treatment plan, we believe that we can help you reduce pain and dysfunction, so your body is well cared for. 

Set Up an Appointment with Preferred Chiropractic Today

At Preferred Chiropractic, we're ready to help you feel your best. You can call us today at (561) 480-0678 to learn more about the services we offer and to set up an appointment for your first visit. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you in the future. 

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Meet the Doctor

  • Meet Dr.
    Stephen Prefer

    I guess I should start by telling you that I absolutely love my profession. I’ve been practicing Chiropractic for over 25 years now and I can honestly say that it’s more exciting today than the day I began.

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  • "Great work Dr. Steve. I could barely dress myself due to the back pain, but in just one week, I’m 100% better. I really recommend Preferred Chiropractic. They get to the source of your problem and fast."

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